Lucky draw schemes for Digital payments to begin tomorrow

New Delhi (GN News) —The government of India is going to start lucky draw schemes namely, Lucky customer and Digi-Dhan business plan with a view to promote digital payment culture in the country from tomorrow. Under these schemes, people will get the reward on digital payments on a daily basis.

The first draw of the Lucky Customer Scheme will be launched tomorrow and under this scheme, consumers will get a cashback of Rs.1000 to 15,000 every day for the next 100 days. The lucky draw winners for the Lucky Customer Scheme will be selected on a daily basis, while the winners of Digi-Dhan business plan will be selected on weekly basis. A mega draw is scheduled to be held on 14th April 2017. After that, the lucky draw schemes shall be reviewed for further implementation. The draws are planned to take place in 100 different cities around the country.

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