MPJ’s statewide “Fraternity Campaign” concluded with the appeal to respect the dignity of the individual and discharge the Constitutional duties to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation

Mumbai: Movement for Peace and Justice for Welfare (MPJ), a renowned public movement working for the betterment of the lives of people organized here a press meet today to share the experiences of its statewide fraternity campaign with the media. MPJ has organized a 6-week long “Fraternity Campaign” from 15th August 2017 to 2nd October 2017, to create awareness about constitutional values in the state.

While talking to the media, MPJ’s State President Muhammad Siraj termed the campaign a great success and suggested to make such efforts of promoting fraternity amongst the citizens of India, as envisaged in the preamble and fundamental duties of the Indian Constitution. The purpose of this campaign was to promote the constitutional idea of India, which provides us not only the opportunity to work for the promotion of fraternity, rather it makes a constitutional obligation, he added. He said that our Constitution guarantees a dignified life to all the citizens of India, but today a large population of the country is compelled to live below the poverty line. Is this a dignified life, whereas more than half of the country’s wealth is occupied by only one percent of the total population of the country? It is also a fact that, the Constitution guarantees a dignified life; but it also tells us to promote such type fraternity in the society, in which dignity of the individual is considered most important, and every citizen is emotionally connected to one another as brothers. The unity and integrity of the country can’t be ensured without creating a common sense of brotherhood amongst all of its citizens.

On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the Organization, Afsar Usmani said that today there is a big threat to the concept of an inclusive and democratic India. In our country, social and economic inequalities are increasing rather than decreasing. Our fraternity campaign will motivate nation’s citizens to fulfill its constitutional obligations of promoting fraternity and harmony. He said that many Ganapati Pooja Mandals in the state have made invaluable contributions to spread the message of fraternity and put the banners with messages of love, peace and unity in their Puja Pandals. Apart from this, lectures on the Preamble of the constitution were organized in educational institutions across the state.

Ramesh Kadam, Vice President of the organization said that making people aware of the rights, duties and our obligations enshrined in the constitution is very important. The dream of living a dignified life cannot be made true until and unless people know their rights and duties. MPJ cannot achieve this goal from mere one or two campaigns. It is a continuous job and we have to strive hard for achieving this goal of creating constitution literacy in the country.  During the campaign, MPJ carried out various activities like constitution rallies, public programs, corner meetings, slogan and essay competition, lectures, debates street plays and literary meets etc.

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